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Matt Voscinar
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United States
"Just because its personal, doesn't mean its not cliche" - Keith Buckley

My name is Matt and I'm a poet/hip-hop artist. You can find me in Masaryktown, Florida. I have just recently finished my undergraduate studies, receiving a BA in both Public Advocacy and Creative Writing. I plan on publishing a chapbook by the end of the year and then making my way to grad school for poetry.

I also run the group DA-Poetics here on DA at:


I found the cabinet empty
cemetery gate swinging
graves all torn up, headstones broken
memorial turned over like trees uprooted.  
the liquor bottles have gone missing
and the sleeping pills have gone missing
and the painkillers have gone missing
and you tried to smile sober
eyes closed like dog eared pages
pupil size of  dust.
There is no disaster like dependence,
it floods and swallows and does not recede
until they find you. until you show up
from out of the storm. until death.
until death. until death.
When We Sleep Forever
More frenzied writing. Feedback would be immensely helpful so that I can turn this into a finished product. 
I do think this poem is choppy, but it comes with the word hours you've made rather than the structure. The poem uses words that are mostly two syllables or shorter, until we get to the last two stanzas. This brevity is interrupted with "beguiled" first, because it is uncommon in general conversation, then harbinger, then chrysalis.

This poem appears to be about being trapped in society's standards and the eventual apathy that arises from being raised I it.

I believe it does, but it applies to your fourth question. The poem begins with the combination of two cliches "run free" "trapped in a cage" and continues into ambiguity. What double edged blade are you speaking about? What are the voices protesting and why are there deaf ears? (Two more cliches).

The second half of the poem is really the meat of it all. I believe restructuring the beginning it in your best interest. Play with new ways to express these sentiments, especially in the beginning. Starting a poem with this many cliches is an easy way to turn off readers before they get into your work.
For all my friends  the dead
walk across concrete slabs tucked
under burned out streetlights and cover
their faces with yesterday's news
gaze averted to the footsteps clamoring
in the Ybor rain The living walk
among them glossy eyed wanderers
journeymen seeking dreams in a cluttered
bathroom beneath cigarette smoke and blood stained mirrors
I saw a terrible hope dance upon the bartops
and tables and bodies breath covered in
fingerprints and eyes. Love,
you are so beautiful
when you are not boasting
outside a bar at 3AM
putrid stench of romance and vomit
back alley promise. Tongue and all.
For My Friends The Dead
Wrote this in a frenzy. Your thoughts would be much appreciated. 

Questions for critiques:

1) Thoughts on the title?
2) Does the lack of punctuation help make this read like a ramble?
3) Anything you think needs to be removed or added?
4) Is the imagery alright?
5) General comments?
I adverbly verbed the adjective, adjective noun,
which adverbly and adverbly verbed preposition the adjective noun
as I verbed my noun preposition the adjective, adjective, and adjective noun.
He adverbly verbed his adjective noun adverbly
and adverbly verbed his noun.
I adverbly verbed his noun.
How To Write Young Adult Novels
A how to guide to writing young adult literature in 2015. 



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